8 Aloe Vera Properties


Aloe vera is the medicinal plant par excellence. It contains vitamins that strengthen eyesight, hair, skin, the immune system, the circulatory system, the nervous system… In short, aloe vera contains countless properties and benefits, which is why in B&B we have compiled the 8 most important and functional properties to know about Aloe Vera.



One of the fundamental organs of our body is the skin, which creates a barrier that serves to protect our organs from any external agent such as cold or heat.


Proper healing is important because when we hurt ourselves, a wound appears on our body and this means that the cells are damaged and our skin stops protecting us from any malignant agent such as bacteria.


In these cases, aloe vera can become the perfect ally for our skin as it has a high healing power. This plant can prevent any skin disease.


So, what is the purpose of aloe vera on wounds? To shorten the healing time of the wound and allow the skin to recover so that it can continue to fulfil its function..



First of all, what does it mean that aloe vera is antiseptic? Well, this adjective means that it eliminates germs, i.e. in the case of aloe vera, it means that it is used to destroy germs that can infect the body.


In the case of aloe vera, this property makes it an ideal plant to use on the body after a wound or burn to eliminate any bacteria and/or germs that we may have, thus guaranteeing a completely clean skin.



What this property tells us is that aloe vera is capable of relieving any joint or muscle pain that can be prevented either by age or by some poorly performed exercise.



It has been proven that Aloe Vera is a perfect plant that contains anti-inflammatory properties, i.e. it considerably reduces inflammation levels. This effect is linked to the previous one, together they make the pain disappear much faster and promotes recovery.



The best thing about Aloe Vera is that it is able to moisturise the skin without leaving it oily, which is why it can be used on any type of skin, regardless of whether you have oily, combination or normal skin.


Aloe vera is able to moisturise any part of the skin, so that even the driest skin becomes pleasant and pleasant to touch.



It is said that Aloe Vera is perfect for after having exposed your skin to the sun, but do you know why? Because of its regenerating effects that help the cells and all the layers of the skin to grow and return to their normal state. In this way, after being exposed to the sun, applying an aloe vera gel on the skin will help to prevent flaking and blisters from appearing, and the tan will last much longer.



All the properties of Aloe Vera together create this anti-ageing property of the skin. In other words, aloe vera is able to maintain a completely healthy and rejuvenated skin thanks to all the previously mentioned effects. It is also worth noting that it contains antioxidants, which means that it helps the skin to fight free radicals.



Aloe Vera also serves as a laxative and a perfect purifier as it is capable of eliminating any type of toxin that we have inside our body. It has been recommended to take Aloe Vera juices for people who want to lose weight or who often have digestive problems.


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