Skin Care Tips

Discover the best tips for skin care

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ of your body? The skin is in continuous direct contact with the outside world, protecting us from any external agent such as climate change, microorganisms and so on. That’s why we must take care of it and give it the attention it deserves. That is why we at B & B want to give you a series of tips to get the most out of it.


CLEANSE YOUR SKIN DAILY: The main benefit of cleansing your skin daily is that it helps to remove excess oil, pollution and other impurities.

For effective cleansing it is necessary not to use extremely cold or hot water, the best and most effective is to cleanse both face and face with lukewarm water, in this way we are also contributing to greater cleanliness because with warm water the pores tend to open, which improves the cleansing of the skin.

It is recommended to cleanse facial skin twice a day and body skin once a day.


EAT RIGHT: You are what you eat… and how right you are! Did you know that there are foods that protect our skin? It has been proven that if we eat foods rich in antioxidants such as legumes, vegetables and others, they protect our skin from sun damage.

On the other hand, too much sugar can make us look older before our time. This is because sugar damages the collagen fibres in the skin and in turn, causes the skin’s elasticity to decrease. So what happens if all this happens? The appearance of wrinkles.

Some foods that have been found to be good for skin health are: spinach, carrots, salmon, walnuts, tomatoes, peas, lentils and greens.


HYDRATE: Drinking water is not only good for the proper functioning of our body, but also helps to balance skin levels, and in turn, provides a stronger and more flexible protective barrier.

Often when you look or see a dull face it is due to a lack of hydration. In addition, good hydration also prevents wrinkles, as these can also appear due to a lack of hydration as the skin begins to lose collagen, and, consequently, accelerates ageing.



If you want to have healthy skin you will have to avoid certain things, for example:


Lack of sleep: If you don’t get enough sleep, i.e. you don’t get the minimum number of hours necessary for your body, your skin will also be tired and show an aged appearance.


Sedentary lifestyle: here’s one more excuse to exercise. Staying active stimulates blood circulation which eliminates toxins that may exist in the skin, consequently, the skin will look much healthier.


Smoking: if you want to show younger looking skin then it is time to consider giving up smoking. Smoking has a myriad of negative effects on our bodies, but our skin suffers from them too. As well as being associated with premature ageing, it can also cause skin diseases, acne, lupus…


Goodbye alcohol: Alcohol leads to dehydration and as we mentioned before, dehydration is one of the skin’s worst enemies. 24 hours after drinking alcohol your skin will look dull and even wrinkled.




The best thing to do is to establish a routine with natural products and to do it on a daily basis, because as we said at the beginning of the post, it is advisable to cleanse and care for your skin every day. 

But, in order to have a much younger, healthier, cleaner, hydrated, radiant skin… in short, a perfect skin, then you need to do these two things:


Use face masks: It is recommended that every week at least one or two days you can dedicate a few minutes to relax and enjoy a relaxing moment with a face mask.

The masks favour the cleansing of pores in the skin, revealing a cleaner and purified face. They also increase hydration as their active ingredients penetrate the epidermis. At the same time, the masks are able to show a firmer skin, as there are many masks that favour the production of collagen.


Exfoliate your skin: Depending on your skin type, it is recommended to exfoliate 1-2 times a week.

Exfoliating the skin allows you to remove any dead skin cells that may be present, revealing a more toned skin. It also stimulates the release of toxins, which it does thanks to the pores of the skin. It enhances the tan and prevents premature ageing, as well as activating circulation.

It is recommended to use an exfoliating scrub first and then the mask, so if you do both every week, plus a daily beauty routine, you will achieve a completely youthful, radiant, smooth, healthy and hydrated skin.

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