8 Advantages of a Viscoelastic Mattress


Buying a mattress is not an easy task, especially in the world we live in, full of novelties, technologies and innovations that turn the simplest tasks into market research to find out what to buy.

Today, at B&B we don’t want that to happen again, that’s why we have informed ourselves for you, to give you the information you need to know when choosing a mattress or another. Let’s start with viscoelastic mattresses. 

The viscoelastic mattresses are those that are composed of both foam and viscoelastic. This material is found in the upper part, in the mattress cover.

But what does viscoelastic mean? This is a material that was developed in the 1960s by none other than NASA for use in their astronaut suits in order to reduce the damage that could be caused by spacecraft take-offs.



Helps with joint pain. If you suffer from spinal or joint problems, you can’t miss out on the comfort and rest that a mattress with these characteristics will give you! The fact is that viscoelastic mattresses help to improve the rest of people who suffer from these pains.


Durable. The viscoelastic mattress, thanks to its material, is able to last much longer than other types of mattresses, such as spring mattresses.


Relaxing. Regardless of their physical characteristics, viscoelastic mattresses are characterised by being very relaxing as they are made of very soft and flexible materials.


Hygienic. This material is much more resistant to dust mites than any other material, which makes it a very hygienic mattress and ideal for people who suffer from allergies.


Adaptable. The viscoelastic mattress will become your best ally if you spend too much time in bed. This material is able to adapt to your body perfectly.


Independent sleep. The viscoelastic mattresses have the great advantage that their movements are not transmitted to the other part of the mattress, so if you are sleeping with someone else their movements or yours do not interfere, so you will get a completely deep rest.


Intelligent. This is one of the most outstanding qualities of this material and it has an intelligent memory. This is demonstrated by the fact that when you go to sleep or rest on a mattress with these characteristics, the pressure is distributed to different points, achieving a unique rest.


Athermic. This mattress differs from other mattresses in that it is athermic, that is to say, it does not transmit heat or cold.



Here are some tips and information to keep in mind to make the process of choosing your new mattress easier.

When choosing a mattress, it is necessary to take into account a number of issues such as


Homogeneity. The mattress chosen must be homogeneous, without sagging.


Adaptable. It is essential that the mattress adapts to your body.


Neither hard nor soft. It is not necessary to go to extremes, the ideal would be an intermediate between the two.


There are also a number of questions that should be asked before buying a mattress, for example:


USE. What use are you going to give it, if it is going to be for personal use, for a guest room, a hotel, a rural house or simply to decorate…


MEASUREMENTS. Every mattress has its own measurements, that’s why you have to take into account both your weight and your height to find the perfect mattress.


TEMPERATURE. It is important to know the climate of the place where the mattress is going to be placed, because depending on whether it is warmer or not, there are mattresses that adapt better or worse to that kind of situation.


COMPANY. It is also important to know if the mattress you are choosing is going to be for one or two people, because as we have mentioned before, there are mattresses like the visco elastic that are made to enjoy a deep sleep in company without anything disturbing you.


If you want more information about viscoelastic mattresses, we recommend you to read our blog and especially the post Benefits of a viscoelastic mattress.

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