Exfoliating Skin with Natural Ingredients


Exfoliation is a process used in order to remove dead skin cells. This can be achieved with either chemical or natural products.

Exfoliation is an essential part of skin cleansing, used especially on the drier and rougher areas such as elbows, knees, arms and legs. Although exfoliation has many benefits for our skin, it is very important that we do not abuse it because if we over exfoliate the skin, the treatment could have adverse effects, such as irritation.

At Bienestar y Belleza Market we are always committed to natural products and treatments, so we will explain how you can exfoliate your skin naturally using different products. Below, we give you several recipes so you can create your own skin exfoliator. Each recipe is suitable for different skin types and for different parts of the body. Take note, the results will surprise you.


Sugar and coffee against cellulite

This combination of ingredients is ideal for exfoliating areas where there is cellulite, such as the legs and buttocks. The sugar is the ingredient that gently exfoliates the skin and the caffeine found in coffee is responsible for reactivating circulation, thus preventing fat from accumulating under the skin.

Necessary ingredients

5 tablespoons brown sugar

6 tablespoons olive oil or moisturising cream

200 gr coffee powder

How to prepare

Mix all the ingredients together until you have a uniform mixture.

Instructions for use

For exfoliation treatments, we recommend that they are carried out in the shower, as having wet and clean skin, the exfoliant will be applied much better and its effectiveness will be greater. Apply the product using circular movements, once applied, leave it to act on your skin for 20 minutes and finally remove it with lukewarm water. You will immediately notice how your skin softens and recovers its luminosity.


Moisturise your skin with honey, almonds and lemon

This scrub is ideal for those skins that need a more complete and intense hydration, with this recipe you will notice how your skin is hydrated and softened at the same time.

Necessary ingredients

3 ground almonds

2 tablespoons honey

Juice of half a lemon

How to prepare

Grind the almonds, then add the rest of the ingredients and mix to a paste.

Instructions for use

We will use this scrub on the face, for this, we must first have completely clean skin, so once we have followed the steps of our facial cleansing routine, we proceed to exfoliate. Apply the product using circular movements, gently so as not to damage the skin. Leave the mixture to act for 15 minutes and then gently remove the product with lukewarm water. Finally, apply your usual moisturiser. You will notice that your skin is much more nourished and alive.


Yoghurt and strawberries for perfect skin

If you have sensitive skin and need a natural exfoliator, this recipe is your solution.

Necessary ingredients

2 or 3 strawberries

1 natural yoghurt

How to prepare

Mash the strawberries and add the natural yoghurt, mix until all the ingredients are evenly combined.

Instructions for use

We will use this exfoliator on the skin of the face or on the most sensitive areas of our body. After cleansing our skin completely, we are ready for exfoliation, we apply the product using gentle circular movements. Once the mixture has been applied, leave it to act for 10 minutes, then remove the product with lukewarm water. You will see the results immediately; your skin will be much more velvety and fresh..

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