Easy Red Viscoelastic Mattress

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A viscoelastic mattress on which you can rest and recover from long days thanks to its composition. The perfect mattress for people suffering from stress or insomnia, for the elderly or for people with physical ailments. It allows you a better rest in the shortest possible time and maximum recovery from physical fatigue.


105 cm.
120 cm.
135 cm.
140 cm.
150 cm.
160 cm.
180 cm.
200 cm.
75 cm.
80 cm.
90 cm.
180 cm.
190 cm.
200 cm.

Easy Red Viscoelastic Mattress

Your rest is fundamental for your health and physical and psychological wellbeing, the key to a good rest is in the mattress, that is why we offer you this mattress, which in addition to having 5 rest zones to achieve perfect relaxation during all hours of sleep, contains a HR core intercalated with viscoelastic.  It is a mattress that we also recommend for its composition of 3D Airfresh fabric that achieves an athermic sensation, adapting the temperature to your body.


On the A side of the mattress we can find the exclusive Stretch fabric, made with very elastic fibre, which allows it to adjust to your body at all times. The Stretch fabric is soft and has a very pleasant feel, allowing quick drying and made with a treatment that prevents the creation of mites and bacteria. In addition, the A-side of the Easyred mattress has a load compensation support, which means that the hollow tube-shaped blank sheet of which this support is made, allows the mattress to recover quickly after having been deformed after the weight of a body has been applied to the mattress. It contains 2cm of Sensopur Adaptive System material, which deforms to adapt to the contours of your body to avoid any kind of pressure and facilitates its rapid recovery to return to its shape.


On the B side of the Easyred, you will find the breathable 3D Airfresh fabric, which is a breathable fabric that allows the ventilation of the mattress in the most optimal way, thus maintaining the daily hygiene and the perfect breathability necessary for the mattress. In addition, this side of the mattress contains 2 cm of Sesopur Adapt System material.


The use of this mattress has multiple health benefits, thanks to its composition, it regenerates cells, improves your insomnia, offers you a great quality of sleep for a shorter period of time, improves metabolism, balance and oxygenation. Thanks to its anti-dust mite fabric, it becomes a hypoallergenic and antibacterial mattress, it restores the decompensations of your metabolism, it transpires and maintains the perfect temperature for your maximum rest and reduces hypertension, anxiety or depression. Therefore, we can recommend its use to people with a high level of stress, insomnia, elderly people, people who suffer from back and joint pain and of course, for anyone who needs that rest that is needed to recover the strength of the day to day. Win in health with Easyred!


Easy Red Viscoelastic Mattress


Made in Spain

Non-deformable HR core


5 sleeping zones

Permanent ventilation

Height: 20 cm + 1 cm of visco-elastic

Fabric: 3D Air fresh

Anti-allergic and anti-bacterial

Anti-mite treatment

Easy Red Viscoelastic Mattress

Width75 cm., 80 cm., 90 cm., 105 cm., 120 cm., 135 cm., 140 cm., 150 cm., 160 cm., 180 cm., 200 cm.
Length180 cm., 190 cm., 200 cm.
Colchón Viscoelástico Easy Red
Easy Red Viscoelastic Mattress
Desde: 300,00 Desde: 149,00