Everest Spinning Bike

Original price was: 450,00€.Current price is: 369,90€.

The Everest high resistance Spinning Bike for professional level training without having to leave your home to be able to do your favourite sport at a professional level with the most innovative fitness technology.

Without losing the ease of home training device for the good management of weight that has to transport and store it.

Everest Spinning Bike

Enjoying sport is at your fingertips, without leaving your home you can do the sport you want, the time you need and the resistance you prefer.

This bike has the best technology to make the most of your desire to train and achieve the desired results. The Everest spinning bike gets your best version thanks to all the innovative systems, allowing maximum safety in your daily exercise, adapting to the resistance you need.

Our Everest spinning bike has a 25 kg flywheel, which means that this device will adapt to the resistance you need and increase as your resistance level increases thanks to your daily training. This Spinning exercise bike measures speed, revolutions per minute, distance travelled, time, heart rate and calories burned during exercise.

It has an impact management system, incorporated with a dual zone spring system, whose function is to absorb the impact of the movements made during high resistance training, adapting ergonomically. The cushioning used with a lateral oscillation, allows the fluidity of movement on both sides to give a feeling of greater fluidity and safety in your daily training. The suction cups on the base allow for a better grip and hold to the floor, which gives greater security to your exercise, in those moments of reaching the maximum intensity.

The resistance is adjustable, it contains a rotating lever, where you can regulate the resistance of your workout adapting to each moment of your exercise, allowing you to reach your highest level of resistance.

On the handlebars there are ergonomic non-slip sensors, plates with a high sensitivity to measure your pulse, that is to say, your heart rate while you do your workout, being able to see it reflected in the digital console.

The pedals are made of aluminium and allow grip on both the sole and the front part of the foot, offering greater safety and greater transmissibility in the pedaling resistance, contains special bearings and belt transmission to keep the exercise constant and fluid.

Guarantee your high-level training!

Everest Spinning Bike


Weight: 40 Kg
Net weight: 45 Kg
Maximum weight supported: 120 Kg
Maximum height: 1.80 Kg
Control panel: LCD, battery x2 AAA (not included)
Transmission: Belt
Flywheel: 25 Kg
Dimensions: 119,5 x 64 x 117 cm

Everest Spinning Bike
Original price was: 450,00€.Current price is: 369,90€.