Unique Rest Zeus Premium Mattress

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From Bienestar y Belleza Market we want to present the greatest innovation in rest made in Spain, with the best components on the market to get a unique mattress.

The Premium Mattress Viscoelastic Graphene and Thermoregulator ZEUS a mattress to get that restorative rest that is so difficult to achieve because it has the best feel of the market and feel how the mattress embraces you while you rest and you do not have those uncomfortable back pains.

In the description you will see how to get the Unique Rest

105 cm.
120 cm.
135 cm.
140 cm.
150 cm.
160 cm.
180 cm.
200 cm.
75 cm.
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90 cm.
180 cm.
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The viscoelastic mattress,
graphene and thermo-regulating

Colchón Viscoelástico Zeus
Tejido Termoregulador

Thermo Regulating Fabric

The mattress will adapt the perfect temperature for your body

Colchón Viscoelástico


High Density Viscoelastic, the mattress will adapt to the shape of your body.

Grafeno Zeus


Combining the latest innovations with the traditional to achieve the Unique Break


The ZEUS Premium Viscoelastic, Graphene and Thermo-regulator Mattress

Enjoy your rest, the Zeus Premium Viscoelastic Thermo-Regulating mattress offers you the best rest, using the best materials for a restful rest. The Zeus mattress always thinks of you, adapting to your body shape to offer you a deeper and more pleasant rest.

Descanso Único con Zeus

What are the benefits of the Thermo-Regulator System?

The Zeus is made with thermo-regulating fabric, the mattress manages to dissipate the heat generated by our body in contact with the viscoelastic in this way we will obtain a homogeneous, suitable and constant temperature making ZEUS a perfect mattress for any temperature or season of the year.

The mattress will adapt to the most suitable temperature to avoid temperature rises, offering a balance in temperature during the time of your rest.



Get the mattress to mold to the shape of your body, you will feel how the ZEUS mattress envelops you and adapts perfectly to your body.

Thanks to its 6 cm of viscoelastic in two layers you get the best footprint of the market. With its two beds and its 5 specific independent zones the mattress self-manages the weights to reduce or eliminate pressure points so that all our weight does not fall on specific points of our body but is distributed evenly throughout the surface of our body and the mattress thus obtaining a better rest and greater recovery of our muscles and joints providing a unique daily rest that we all seek, but that most mattresses can not please with the current level of stress and daily physical exertion. Thanks to its independent beds we do not disturb or interrupt the sleep of our companions since our movements during the night will not be transmitted to the other bed of the mattress.

The viscoelastic mattresses are the best to avoid back pain, this is because viscoelastic mattresses eliminate the pressure points getting you to wake up without muscle or joint pain.

What is the Unique Rest?

Tacto del Colchón ZEUS

The quality of its components, offers great benefits in your rest, you will notice it day after day, it adjusts to your deepest needs, reducing muscle aches and fatigue. Enjoy its quality and elegance.

Rest is essential for health, so in BYB Market we think of you. We think about your rest. You won’t want to sleep anywhere else.

Benefits of Graphene for your rest?


Graphene is a material that can conduct heat and electricity, its antibacterial capacity prevents the appearance of mites and other types of bacteria. It dissipates heat in areas where the body is in contact with the mattress. This improves sleep quality and comfort.

Allowing the mattress to regulate its temperature and that you do not pass neither hot nor cold to allow you to have the best possible rest.

Let the ZEUS Mattress embrace you!


105 cm., 120 cm., 135 cm., 140 cm., 150 cm., 160 cm., 180 cm., 200 cm., 75 cm., 80 cm., 90 cm.


180 cm., 190 cm., 200 cm.

The ZEUS Premium Single Viscoelastic, Graphene and Thermo-Regulator Mattress

After many years of study, the Premium Viscoelastic, Graphene and Thermoregulator Mattress has been achieved. It is the best solution for rest where, thanks to its thermo-regulating fabric, you will not feel hot or cold, with its 6 centimeters of viscoelastic you will sleep as if you were floating and you will feel like a new and renewed person. It includes graphene nanofibers that lengthen the time of appearance of possible spores, bacteria and mites.

The incorporation of graphene in the mattress allows to have a perfect temperature to sleep, avoiding the temperature rise, helping to facilitate the body thermal flow and thus providing a more pleasant rest. The temperature regulation makes our rest deeper and longer lasting, thus combating tiredness and fatigue.

Graphene is a unique material that brings great benefits to the mattress, together with viscoelastic and its HR core, make the perfect combination, ensuring greater firmness, quality, breathability, strength and durability. The ergonomics provided by these materials makes the position of the back perfect so that you do not have muscle aches the next day.

A mattress for the next ten years for its maximum quality, you will forget to look for mattresses for a decade and its elegance will not seem that the years go by.

Let the "B&B Premium Mattress" embrace you.

The ZEUS Premium Single Rest Mattress Viscoelastic, Graphene and Thermo-regulating ZEUS

  • Fabric: thermo-regulating
  • Thickness: 27 cm
  • High density core
  • Core density: HR30
  • Viscoelastic Density: 55 kg
  • Viscoelastic Thickness: 6 cm
  • Upper side: cover-cover
  • Lower face with 3D fabric for breathability
  • Band: gray microfiber
  • Control: microfiber tie


Delivered rolled up and with the Grafeno certification.

The ZEUS Premium Mattress Unique Resting System Viscoelastic, Graphene and Thermoregulator

Width75 cm., 80 cm., 90 cm., 105 cm., 120 cm., 135 cm., 140 cm., 150 cm., 160 cm., 180 cm., 200 cm.
Long180 cm., 190 cm., 200 cm.
ZEUS - El Colchón Premium Viscoelástico, Grafeno y Termorregulador
Unique Rest Zeus Premium Mattress
Desde: 2.243,00 Desde: 669,99