Paraffin Bath


Relieve pain, moisturise and deeply nourish the skin with the Paraffin Bath. Relax and enjoy softer, more elastic skin with this natural treatment. You will be able to put an end to dryness in the most difficult to moisturise areas, such as feet or elbows.

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Paraffin Bath

The Paraffin Bath is a treatment used to relieve pain in specific areas, such as the hands or feet, its heat effect helps to improve circulation in the area we want to treat, relieving any discomfort we have in the area.


It is also used to deeply moisturise the skin, as the paraffin, being a wax, when it solidifies in the area, makes it totally impermeable, maintaining the humidity and making it return to the skin. This technique makes the paraffin capable of deeply moisturising every layer of the skin, even in the most difficult to moisturise areas such as elbows or feet.


Another of the great benefits of the Paraffin Bath is not only its great moisturising power, but also its ability to relax the muscles and relieve contractures, which is why this type of bath can also be used for therapeutic purposes, for example, to treat osteoarthritis of the hands.


The minerals and essences that paraffin incorporates will make it a relaxing experience that you will want to repeat. Thanks to the paraffin bath you can take care of your skin in the most natural and effective way from your own home, whenever and wherever you want.

Paraffin Bath

To start the treatment we must first place the apparatus and introduce the paraffin in the container.


Heat the paraffin until it is completely liquid.


Disinfect or wash the area to be treated to keep the paraffin sterile.


Immerse the area in the paraffin and when you take it out, wait a few seconds for the paraffin to dry slightly.


Wrap the area in the plastic bag or, if no bags are available, cling film can also be used.


Place the area in the terrycloth mittens/plaiters to keep it warm.


After sufficient time has elapsed, remove the mittens/mittens and the plastic covering the paraffin.


Remove the paraffin and massage gently so that the paraffin is fully absorbed.


Enjoy the incredible results.

Paraffin Bath

The product includes:




2 sachets of 500 gr of paraffin


Disposable plastic gloves


Hand gloves and foot socks


Thermal protection grid


Brush, for those areas that are difficult to immerse.

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Paraffin Bath