Natural Tourmaline Soap

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Natural Tourmaline Soap may be the miracle your skin has been looking for. Not only will it eliminate all the bacteria and toxic substances you may have on your skin, but it will also help to reduce acne problems, spots, blemishes, pimples and even freckles.

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Natural Tourmaline Soap-Face Cleanser

Natural Tourmaline Soap is a product that will help to eliminate toxic substances that can be left on your skin by the use of cosmetics. Not only that, but it also acts as an anti-inflammatory. All this makes this soap the perfect product for extremely clean skin.

This is thanks to its main component, Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline is a mineral that can help you to have a completely clean skin, getting rid of all impurities including acne. It is the reference mineral for good protection and cleansing. It does all this because when it comes into contact with the skin it generates negative ions that tackle skin problems.

Not only does it act as an excellent exfoliator or cleanser, but thanks to its piezoelectric properties, it stimulates the blood circulation. In addition, it lightens skin blemishes, tightens the skin and helps repair it. All this to end up with a completely clean and luminous skin.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory power, tourmaline is often recommended for oily skin or skin with acne problems, but it also offers other benefits such as increasing the skin’s suppleness. With this what we get is to soften the darkness under the eyes and lift drooping eyelids.

At Bienestar y Belleza we want to give our customers the best natural products so that they can have the skin they have always wanted. So if what you want is to have a completely clean, impurity-free, hydrated and blemish-free skin, we recommend the use of Natural Tourmaline Soap. It will help you to reduce pimples that may appear due to oily skin, giving you suppleness and reducing all types of blemishes, including dark circles under the eyes. Never before have you had such healthy skin.


Natural Tourmaline Soap-Face Cleanser

Moisten the Tourmaline soap with water, apply it on the area, and rinse with water.

It is recommended for oily skin, for the elimination of excess oil in the skin.

It provides flexibility to the skin, and its anti-inflammatory property reduces the swelling of pimples or blackheads.

It can be used daily to remove make-up from the face.

In addition to its use on the skin, it can also be used as a shampoo to reduce hair loss.

Natural Tourmaline Soap-Face Cleanser

Black Tourmaline: Black Tourmaline can be found in places like Australia, Nepal or Afghanistan, places where quartz and mica predominate. It is a mineral that when it reaches temperature, it releases negative ions. This will help our circulation to improve, favouring healing as the energy it contains will be useful for cell regeneration, and it will also help to eliminate waste from the body.

Tourmaline is not only used for the wellbeing of our skin, but it also contains healing and protective properties that help to convert all negative energies into positive ones, which is why it is often used in therapies. It helps to release tensions and ailments, both physical, such as pain, and psychological, such as depression.


Jabón de Turmalina Natural
Natural Tourmaline Soap
Desde: 18,00 Desde: 8,95