Healthy Juice Blender


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Healthy Juice Blender

Prepare rich and delicious juices, smoothies or Smoothies with our Healthy Juice Blender. Thanks to its cold-pressing technology, we can extract a greater amount of juice and juice from our fruits and vegetables increasing its performance, wasting less than with other more conventional methods.

Thanks to cold pressing we will also preserve all the vitamins and nutrients of our fruits or vegetables, Healthy Juice does not crush, press thus preventing the structure of the fruit and its pulp from breaking or oxygen bubbles from forming, thus avoiding premature oxidation, delaying the formation of viruses and bacteria, thus maintaining and preserving all the properties of our smoothies, milkshakes or juices for longer, allowing them to be consumed at later times and thus being able to take them with us during our daily routine, whether at school, work, outings or even at the gym, with the certainty that they still maintain their organoleptic properties.

Vegetable juice is filtered in greater quantity thanks to its 0.2mm filtering system and its 360° aluminium screen.

The LCD panel of the healthy juice blender has a cleaning programme and 7 other programmes capable of offering maximum performance depending on the preparation we want and making the most of the recipe booklet we include with which we can try different combinations of flavours for example to surprise our guests or help our children to eat those fruits and vegetables that we do not get them to eat with other methods or preparations and so they can benefit from their vitamins with these delicious recipes. Its double food input is very useful to introduce smaller foods and larger or whole foods through the XL input.

Healthy Juice Blender

Healthy Juice Blender Blender Technical Data

Net Weight





Matt Black

Tank Capacity









20 X 22 X 51 Cm




Special Features:

Cold Juice Extraction, Special Anti-Vibration Supports, Low Speed Pressing.

Batidora Licuadora Healthy Juice
Healthy Juice Blender