3 Advantages of Graphene

Graphene is a material that was discovered in 2010. Such was the impact of its discovery that the two researchers who discovered it, Geim and Novosiolov, received a Nobel Prize.



Graphene has amazing characteristics and properties, among which we can highlight the following:

It is an almost transparent material

Compared to other composites, graphene has a low electricity consumption

It has a high density and is therefore able to keep out atoms such as helium.

Light, but strong. Its strength is comparable to that of a diamond. 

If exposed to sunlight, it can generate electricity.

Has high thermal and electrical conductivity

It is deformable, i.e. it has a high elasticity.

Graphene is an antibacterial material.

Ionising radiation does not affect it.

It is very hard, i.e. resistant.

It is very flexible.



As we can see, graphene has several properties. This is why this material has been used in numerous sectors such as sports, the food and automotive industries, electronics and has even become useful in energy and the environment.

Examples might include:

In sport, we can find numerous products that feature this material, such as in paddle tennis. In the world of padel, we can find this material in padel racquets. There are two ways to find it, either in the frame of the racket to make it more resistant or in its impact surface.

Graphene can also be found in the field of energy. One of its uses could be to increase the use of renewable energies by introducing this material into solar panels. This would increase its efficiency.

Graphene is no longer a secret in the field of medicine. There are companies in this field that have started to market sensors with graphene because it is capable of detecting minute quantities of various substances.

But, where we can enjoy this material the most, is in mattresses with graphene. If you combine this material with other foams, you will have a mattress that can provide you with an unequalled rest.

Here are the advantages of this material that will make you never want another mattress without graphene.



Why should you buy a graphene mattress? We’ll explain it to you right away:

To begin with, this material reduces static electricity. Our body can accumulate a lot of static electricity – have you ever been struck by a spark when touching a material? Or have you ever been in a very dry environment? Dry places make it easier for this electricity to accumulate in our body. That’s why if we sleep on a graphene mattress, it is able to reduce this electricity and at the same time, it helps us to release the accumulated stress.

Today, more than ever, we attach great importance to health and hygiene. That is why we like to enjoy environments that are completely clean. One of the properties of graphene is that it is antibacterial. Therefore, if we sleep on a graphene mattress, we ensure that we sleep in a much healthier place.

Do you sweat a lot at night, do you get very hot in the summer while you sleep? Then pay attention because this will interest you:

Graphene is an electrically superconducting material, what does that mean? Well, graphene helps to dissipate the heat that accumulates on the surface where it is resting. To be a bit more explicit, when we apply this material, the area that is in contact with our body becomes a hyperconductive space, which means that this space will be able to process 10,000 times more the thermal flow allowing the heat that some mattresses give off to be diluted. With this you will achieve a thermally balanced rest.  



If you have already made up your mind and are going to change your normal mattress for one containing graphene, there are a few things we recommend:

Change the mattress on its side from time to time. In other words, turn the mattress every few months to ensure a long-lasting mattress and to avoid caking or dampness. This recommendation is only valid if your mattress can be used on both sides.

It is recommended to use a breathable base to support the mattress. An example of a perfect area to support the mattress would be using slatted bed bases.

Do not place the mattress in humid areas.

Use a waterproof and breathable cover.

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