What is the Unique Rest?

What is Unique Rest?


Rest can be defined as a moment when you stop the activity you are doing, whether it is work, study or any other task, in order to regain your strength. Some examples of rest can be when you have a coffee, when you watch a series, even when you are reading your favourite book or taking a nap.

But we can also define the unique rest as that break that you give yourself to have a moment of pleasure, where you do not think about anything external that may affect you, and that helps you to face the day with more strength. In adults, it is usually recommended that they have a rest of between 7 and 8 hours a day.


Benefits of a good night’s sleep

What is achieved with a good rest is:


Increased Productivity: the brain needs breaks to continue working efficiently. Working more hours in a row does not make you more productive, you can be working for 6 hours without a break and realise that half of what you have done is useless or that you will have to correct it. With a good rest that doesn’t happen.


Increased Creativity: Many studies have shown that people are much more creative after they have had a good night’s rest. This is largely due to dreams, which are a remarkable source of inspiration.


It Makes You Feel Happier: With a good rest we get the neurons to lower their activity, thus allowing them to be at full capacity when you wake up and to be able to process all the information well, allowing us to unconsciously think before speaking and facilitating the understanding of what other people want to transmit, being able to analyse situations better, as well as taking things and day-to-day problems in a calmer way than with neurons that are stressed due to lack of rest.

A good rest makes you face the world from a different, more cheerful point of view.


Improve your skin: a good rest improves the appearance of the skin, enhances its radiance and prevents dark circles under the eyes. In addition, after resting, the skin is smoother and the face is rejuvenated.


Improves the immune system: When we rest the immune system also does so, recovering and regenerating from its fight against toxins, viruses, bacteria and other external agents present in our daily lives, and just like us it needs to recover, otherwise we could have a greater chance of getting sick or prevent a rapid recovery from an illness or infection.  Therefore, the unique rest will reinforce the defences and strengthen them against any external aggression.


How to Achieve The Unique Rest?

Some of the tips to achieve a unique rest are:

Get into a sleep routine. Set a time when you should go to bed and get up, and don’t forget to stick to it. It’s OK to skip a couple of hours at the weekend, but you need to stick to the routine every day.


Eating an early dinner, doing sport during the day and avoiding caffeine and energy drinks in the evening will make it much easier for you to get a good night’s rest.


Make sure that the place and the clothes you wear are suitable. No light, no noise, wear comfortable clothes…


Avoid using the phone before going to sleep as it disturbs the brain and makes it more difficult to fall asleep.


Choose the right bed and mattress. It is essential to find a mattress that supports your posture and is comfortable. The more comfortable you are, the easier it will be to sleep.


Disadvantages Of Not Getting A Single Break

There are several problems that can be caused by not having a good rest. Most of them are health-related. Not having enough sleep, or not having slept the necessary hours in a good way, can lead to problems such as hypertension. This is because while you sleep, your body regulates stress hormones, so if you don’t get enough rest, your body’s ability to regulate those hormones decreases, causing hypertension problems.


In addition, there is a greater chance that due to poor rest, you will have cerebrovascular problems and/or heart attacks. There is also an increased number of accidents and injuries. And, there is a greater likelihood of suffering from depression, obesity, anxiety or diabetes.


Foods That Promote Unique Rest

Eating a balanced diet is essential in our lives as it has a direct influence on our health. That is why there are some foods that will help us to sleep better and get a good night’s rest. Some of these foods are:


Nuts: This is directly related to melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep. Almonds, walnuts and peanuts are some examples of nuts that will help you get a unique rest.


Wholegrain cereals: cereals contain tryptophan, which helps to create serotonin and as a consequence we have melatonin, the hormone that helps the sleep process.  


Chicken: contains protein, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B and tryptophan. All this helps us to digest food more easily and consequently get a good night’s rest.


Fruits: bananas, pineapple, kiwi and cherries are some of the fruits that can help us to get a deep sleep. The potassium in bananas helps to relax the muscles, cherries contain a large amount of melatonin, kiwi fruit contains a lot of serotonin, and pineapple contains bromelain, which helps to prevent discomfort during sleep. 


Tea and Infusions: chamomile, valerian… or any tea made from herbs, are good at bedtime. It is not recommended to drink it just before going to sleep, but to leave a time margin. These infusions should be taken with hot water and will act as muscle relaxants, allowing us to have the best possible rest.


Fish: white and blue fish contain vitamin D, tryptophan, micronutrients and protein, and are very low in calories. Many studies say that these types of fish help produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter that facilitates sleep.


Milk: Milk is a good food for falling asleep because it is a dairy product and contains tryptophan. In addition, drinking a glass of warm milk before going to sleep gives you a feeling of relaxation that will help you get that unique rest..


Bienestar y Belleza Recommends:


With the information we have we can guarantee that you will get a Unique Rest in different percentages that we will show below:


Get 99% of Unique Rest with the Zeus mattress. This would be the maximum percentage that we consider that could be achieved, given that 100% of the Unique Rest depends on each person. This high percentage is due to the fact that all its layers complement each other perfectly, both its manufacturing materials and the density and composition of its viscoelastic material, its HR core, the graphene and the rest of the Premium materials.


If you want an 85% rest, we recommend the Virus Clean mattress, a very good option made of premium materials such as Graphene and its innovative technology that eliminates bacteria and viruses, giving you a safe rest.


If you are looking for a 70% of rest, we recommend the Senso Exclusive mattress, composed of a good viscoelastic, but without some of the premium features of the two previous mattresses, but still a good option to buy.


Get a 60% Unique Rest with the Easy Red mattress, the cheapest option but which will still allow you to enjoy a good rest although in a lower percentage, as it lacks premium materials such as those previously mentioned.  Despite this, it is still a good option that will meet the expectations of customers looking for a unique rest..


All our mattresses are made in Spain, use high quality materials and are recommended to improve joint and muscle pain as they are all orthopaedic.


Bienestar y Belleza Market recommends its mattresses to achieve the Unique Rest that we can also achieve with other mattresses on the market, but we don’t have enough information about their characteristics and design materials to be able to classify them..


When it comes to getting a unique rest, the most important thing you have to think about is the mattress you are going to use to sleep on. Nowadays we can choose from hundreds of mattresses, but not all of them can offer us the same. It is important to know that not all of us can use the same mattress, but that each person has to choose their own, the one that suits them best.


There are several questions you should ask yourself before you choose it. For example, if you usually spend hot or cold nights. In case your nights are characterised by the heat you spend, it is recommended to choose a spring mattress, as it is cooler. If, on the other hand, you tend to be cold, you should choose a latex mattress, which tends to trap more heat.


Another thing to consider is whether you have any allergies or muscle pain. In the case of allergies, it is important that the mattress you choose has the capacity to resist against bacteria or fungi. From Bienestar y Belleza, we offer you the ViruClean Grafeno Premium Mattress for this type of situation. If, on the other hand, you have back pain, you have to choose a mattress that adapts to your needs, such as the Easy Red Viscoelastic Mattress.


With all this we can see that there are different things to look at when buying a mattress. Very few mattresses have the majority of the features mentioned, and that is why we have made available to you the option to buy a mattress that solves most of your problems. The Descanso Único Zeus Premium Mattress contains a thermoregulator that will adapt to your temperature, it also contains Graphene so it will protect you from possible bacteria. And best of all, it is a mattress specially designed to provide you with a unique rest.

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