Care for your Tattoos with Aloe Vera

How can I care for tattoos with Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera is a very versatile plant, its uses are very varied as it can be used to treat burns, wrinkles and stretch marks, as well as to care for tattoos.

When you get a tattoo, it is very important to take care of it, because after all, it is an open wound, and if we do not treat it with the right products and means, it can become infected and the tattoo will not look the way we want it to.

Every day more and more people decide to tattoo their skin, as it is a trend that is becoming more and more fashionable, which is why in Bienestar y Belleza Market we help you to take care of your tattoos correctly, using the right products in the most appropriate way so that you can enjoy them for a long time.


How do I apply Aloe Vera?

In order to take care of the tattoo correctly, it is important to follow the following recommendations.

Before starting treatment with Aloe Vera, the tattoo must be completely healed, i.e. we should not use Aloe Vera during the first few days after getting the tattoo. Once the tattoos are healed and free of crust, we can start our Aloe Vera treatment.

It is essential to use a product that contains natural Aloe Vera, as if it contains other types of chemicals, these could affect the tattoo. Once we have the right product, we massage the area with the Aloe Vera gel and leave it to act, so that the skin absorbs the nutrients. When applying the gel, the skin must be completely clean. Once the product has been applied, it is important not to rinse the area, otherwise the skin will not absorb all the necessary nutrients. Once the product has been applied, we will notice how much more nourished and elastic the skin is.

In addition to carrying out this basic care with Aloe Vera, we must also protect the tattoos from the sun, as if we damage the skin of the tattoo with sunburn, the tattoo can be damaged.

Pure Aloe Vera should not be applied on a tattoo, as we must apply a product where the Aloe Vera has been treated. Pure Aloe Vera, as it is not completely sterilised, can cause adverse effects on our skin, especially on tattoos, as they can easily become infected.

Before applying any product on our skin, we recommend doing an allergy test, as this way we can prevent adverse effects on our skin. To perform this test, we apply the product on a small area of our body, after 24 hours if we have not had any allergic reaction, we can use the product without any problem.


Benefits of Aloe Vera for tattoos

Aloe Vera has endless benefits, but what are the ones that really help to take care of tattoos?

Tattoos are still scars, so the skin needs to regenerate and repair itself completely. Thanks to the properties of Aloe Vera, the skin will recover immediately, as well as getting stronger and regaining its original radiance.

Hydration is essential when caring for a tattoo and Aloe Vera, thanks to its high collagen content, nourishes the skin quickly, leaving your skin much more flexible and full of vitality.

Before carrying out any treatment or care on your tattoos, it is important that you consult an expert, such as your tattoo artist. Follow the instructions he or she recommends and check whether the products you are using to care for your tattoos are suitable or not.

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