Lose Weight by Exercising at Home

Lose Weight Exercising at Home 30 Minutes a Day

Do you want to lose weight training from home and don’t know how? At Bienestar y Belleza Market we explain the most effective way to take care of your wellbeing and lose those extra kilos.

To lose weight it is essential to take care of our diet and do sport. To do this we must have a healthy and balanced diet that provides us with all the nutrients we need for our daily life and also complement it with a healthy lifestyle, that is, practising sport.


Exercises to lose weight at home


Lose weight by exercising at home with squats, which are a very complete and basic exercise in a sports routine. It is very easy to do and helps us to exercise the lower part of our body in a complete way. Moreover, to perform this exercise we don’t need anything, just our body weight is the only necessary instrument.

Although it is a very easy exercise, it is important to do it well. To do it, we must open our legs to the same width as our hips, keeping our feet firm and looking straight ahead. We sit down as if we had a chair behind us and keep our back firm.

Abdominal plank

This is one of the most effective exercises for strengthening the core. It is very simple but intense at the same time. To perform this exercise correctly, we must get into the same position we use to do push-ups, but instead of resting our hands, we support our forearms.

Then, we must keep our elbows just below our shoulders and not raise or lower our hips too much, as the exercise would lose all its effectiveness.

One of the keys to this exercise is the time, we can start with short intervals of 30 seconds and as we get stronger, we increase the time of the exercise.


With this exercise we will tone our chest, shoulders and arms. To do it we don’t need any accessory, we will simply work with our own weight.

To do push-ups, we must place our hands at shoulder height. If you have never done this exercise before, it is likely that at first it will be a little complicated to do several in a row, so we recommend that you first do the exercise with your knees on the floor, this way the weight you have to lift is much less and the exercise will be easier.

Exercise with sports machines

If you prefer to use a sports accessory to complement the previous exercises, we recommend that you use a bicycle as it is the most effective machine for doing cardio.

Using an elliptical trainer has multiple benefits, but for optimal results it is important to follow a routine and for cardio to be effective it should last at least 30 minutes. It is not necessary to do 30 minutes of elliptical training in a row, you can also combine different exercises that stimulate your cardiovascular system. For example, we can do 5 minutes of squats, 5 minutes of push-ups, 5 minutes of abdominal plank and 15 minutes of elliptical, which would complete the necessary time of cardiovascular exercises to be effective.

The elliptical trainer helps us to lose a lot of calories in a short time, this is possible thanks to the high intensity of this exercise, as it manages to exercise our whole body effectively.

In addition, another benefit of the elliptical trainer is that it is an impact-free sport, which prevents injuries to joints such as the knees, as this is one of the areas that suffers most when we do high-intensity exercise.

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