How to care of your skin with snail slime?

Snail slime is a substance secreted by the animal of the same name, known for its use in care, wellness and beauty products thanks to the regenerative and antioxidant properties of its main components.

Caracol ByB MarketContrary to what one would normally think, the snail slime used in cosmetics, care and beauty products is not the mucus that snails naturally release when they move, but a substance that they emit to defend themselves when they feel threatened.
It is this substance that has the regenerative and antioxidant properties that make it one of the most prized and popular cosmetic products.


What are the components of snail slime?

  • 1. Allantoin: is a nitrogenous compound, resulting from the oxidation of urea or uric acid, whose appearance is that of a whitish powder. It acts as a natural healing agent.
  • 2. Glycolic acid: acid of natural origin, also called hydroxyacetic acid. Due to its low molecular weight, its ability to penetrate the skin is very high, so it is able to reach all layers of the skin. It has exfoliating capabilities.
  • 3. Collagen: protein that forms collagen fibres, the main component of the connective tissues that make up skin, muscles, tendons and bones. It is estimated that there are up to 28 types of collagen depending on the tissues in which they are present, each of which is designated by a Roman numeral. It provides strength to the tissues it makes up.
  • 4. Elastin: a protein that gives elasticity to the tissues in which it is present, such as the skin, arteries and ligaments.
  • 5. Proteins and vitamins: the latter are mainly of vegetable origin, present in the diet of snails.

What are the benefits of snail slime?

  • 1. Against wrinkles: Snail slime promotes the regeneration of skin tissue through collagen, gives the skin greater elasticity through elastin and exfoliates the skin thanks to the glocolic acid effect, thus having a great wrinkle-reducing effect.
  • 2. Anti-ageing properties: snail slime, apart from being beneficial, promotes the formation of collagen and elastin in the tissues, strengthening the skin and preventing the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes and other signs of ageing.
  • 3. Against scars: thanks to the action of allantoin and the regenerating effect of collagen, snail slime acts on scars, reducing them.
  • 4. Against stretch marks and cellulite: As with scars, the components of snail slime help to reduce them.
  • 5. Against acne and blackheads: Snail slime is effective in treating them thanks to the exfoliating effect it generates on the skin due to the glycolic acid. It is also effective for treating scars left by acne thanks to its healing and regenerative capacity.
  • 6. Other effects on the skin: In addition to all the effects already mentioned, snail slime is also effective in removing warts and soothing irritated skin.
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