Etna treadmill

Original price was: 566,00€.Current price is: 359,00€.

The Etna treadmill is the perfect complement for doing sport at home. You can do basic or high-intensity workouts from the comfort of your home. It has 6 different training programmes with which you can tone your whole body.

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Etna Running Treadmill

The Etna running treadmill is an electric treadmill with which you will be able to improve your fitness in your daily life. Made with the latest technology, you can connect via Bluetooth to your Smart wristband and fully customise your training. You will also be able to play music through its incredible speakers, connecting your device to the treadmill via Bluetooth.



Its large training surface, 40 cm wide and 120 cm long, will make training comfortable and totally safe, also, thanks to the high quality of the materials used, the treadmill has a maximum grip capacity, so you will have no risk of slipping or injuring yourself during your workout.



You can choose from 6 training programmes, but if you prefer, you can train freely and choose the parameters that best suit your training. The speed of the treadmill ranges from 1 to 8 km/h, and if you set the desired training time beforehand, the treadmill will gradually stop so that you can train safely and avoid injuries.



Its handlebars are completely foldable, so you can store the treadmill anywhere, as it hardly takes up any space. Moreover, thanks to its front wheels, you can transport it comfortably without any effort, so you can train anywhere in your home.

Etna treadmill
Original price was: 566,00€.Current price is: 359,00€.