Mont Blanc Spinning Bike


Train at home with the Mont Blanc Spinning Exercise Bike, having this spinning bike helps us to maintain that exercise routine, in addition to the benefits it brings both inside and outside of our body.

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Mont Blanc Spinning Bike

Strengthens the abdomen

Reduces volume and burns fat

Tones and strengthens legs and glutes

It has an aerobic and anaerobic function that helps regulate your heart rate.

This type of exercise is a remedy for stress.

Mont Blanc Spinning Bike

The Mont Blanc Spinning Exercise Bike has a microcomputer with 6 outstanding functions:





Heart rate monitor


Mont Blanc Spinning Bike

Adjustable resistance

Adjustable seat and handlebars, covered with non-slip foam.

Flywheel 13 KG.

Weight of the bike 31 kg

Maximum weight supported 120 kg

Front transport wheels

Stabilizer bar

Bici Spinning Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc Spinning Bike

30 in stock