Ozone Generator Virus Elimination


Ozone generator that not only serves to disinfect the air, but can also sterilize water and food.

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Ozone Generator Virus Removal

This Generator is multifunctional, offering the possibility of purifying water and disinfecting the food we consume daily, which unknowingly contain pesticides and phytosanitary substances.

It has an efficiency of 99.9% in the elimination of viruses, bacteria and germs that may be in the environment.

It allows the disinfection and sterilization of baby toys, pets, as well as the disinfection of other objects that may be in the room where the ozone generator is operating.

Ozone Generator Virus Removal

It is an easy to use device, it has 5 programmable functions to better adapt, according to the needs.

Sterilizes objects

Removes unpleasant odors without the need for chemicals

Keeps away flies, insects, cockroaches...

Helps food to stay fresh longer

Ozonizes air and water


The use of ozone in water has different uses:

For personal hygiene

Cleaning of objects and kitchen utensils

To do the laundry

Surface disinfection without rinsing



Inhalation of large amounts of ozone can cause irritation of the nasal passages, eyes and throat.

Avoid being in the same room where the Ozone Generator is located while it is in operation.

Ozone Generator Virus Removal

Power: 9.3 W.

Voltage: 220-240V / 50-60Hz.

Dimensions: 170 x 70 x 240mm

Weight: 1 Kg

Ozone output: 500mg/hour

Generador Ozono Elimina Virus
Ozone Generator Virus Elimination

30 in stock