Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mapping and App


Robot vacuum cleaner with mapping and app controls the cleaning of your home with four functions and a mapping App that allows your robot to know all the areas of your home.

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mapping and App

Double tank and motorized water tank. These two tanks are used differently, one of them will be only for the vacuuming function and the other tank is to keep the water during the scrubbing function, it avoids the accumulation of humidity on the floor.

Auto-recharge system. The robot returns only to its base when it needs it, this way your robot will always be ready to be used.

Intelligent cleaning modes. Its 4 cleaning modes, automatic, corners, zig-zag and spiral, favors the complete cleaning of all types of floors (carpets, short pile carpets, hard floors, parquet…).

Shock sensor, vacuum sensor and room limitation. Samba automatically changes its direction when it encounters obstacles that prevent it from following its path, whether they are vacuum spots or stairs. Samba also allows you to decide which rooms you do not want it to access.

App control.

A control remote is also included.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mapping and App

Height: 79 mm

Weight: 2,4 kg

Diameter: 335 mm

Power: 14,6V

Battery: Lithium Li-ion 2150 mAh

Touch Panel: LED display

Dust tank: 0.50 L

Dust and mop tank: 0,3 L

Water tank: 0.2 L

Charging time: 4-5 hours

Cleaning autonomy: 100 minutes


App Control

The App "Samba Robot" is on App Store and Play Store.

Programmable 7 days a week

Activate or stop it from the app.

Visualize the cleaning area

You can see the time and the cleaning map

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mapping and App

30 in stock