Robot Easy Healthy

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Prepare delicious dishes with Easy Healthy.

It will be easy for you to prepare an infinite number of recipes with the recipe book included and your imagination to try out your own recipes.

Its heating system will help you to maintain a constant temperature and cook food evenly.

It has a timer, various cooking modes, voice function, 3D heating, window for viewing and stirring, and many more features that will make the Easy Healthy Robot an essential utensil in your kitchen.

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Easy Health Kitchen Robot

With Easy Healthy it will be easy to prepare delicious recipes, Easy Healthy has all the necessary features to be a perfect complement in our kitchen.

It will help us to prepare our recipes in a more automated way, allowing us to better organise our time on a daily basis and not worry about cooking becoming a tedious task without losing the quality or flavour of our favourite dishes and recipes.

Suitable for all types of food and preparations, meat, fish, vegetables, pulses, pasta, rice….

It will help us to cook while maintaining a constant and uniform temperature thanks to 3D cooking and its highly efficient intelligent chip. We will also be able to observe through its vision screen and at the same time be able to stir the food. Don’t miss the opportunity to try the convenience of the Easy Healthy Kitchen Robot.


Main Features Easy Healthy Kitchen Robot :

Vision Screen:

Viewing window that also allows us to stir the food and check the cooking stage of our preparation, allowing us to monitor the state of the preparation throughout the cooking process, which differentiates it from other robots on the market that do not have this function.

Direct Programming With Clock:

With its programming system, you no longer have to calculate when you want the preparation to start. With its clock, you can directly set the time of day you want your food to be ready and the robot will take care of everything and can be programmed up to 24 hours in advance.

Smart Technology Chip:

This chip is able to regulate the temperature to achieve a uniform temperature during the preparation process by manipulating the power to adapt the initial temperature of the food to the temperature of the program we have selected.

Cooking With The Lid Open:

This mode will help us to prepare stir-fries, allowing us to stir and observe them easily and to give the optimum point to our preparations.

Voice Function:

This function can be conveniently activated or deactivated as desired by each user, choosing between Spanish and Portuguese. Very useful if we are not present at the time as it alerts us, for example, when the meal is finished.

3D Warming:

With the help of its chip and its exclusive three-dimensional heating system, we will maintain a constant temperature during the preparation of our meals and recipes, thus helping them to cook evenly no matter where the food is in the pan.

Daikin Panel Bee Pan type bin:

This system is one of the best non-stick systems on the market and effectively prevents food from sticking or sticking and makes it easy to clean the pan.

Free Cooking:

Allows you to change the temperature from 60º to 180º in the programs.


Backlit display to be able to monitor what state the selected program is in.


In the event of the power going out in our home or the lights going out, the robot will continue cooking at the same point as the program was left.

12 Functions, Cooking Modes or Programmes: Pasta, Rice, Dessert, Frying, Griddle, Stew, Dessert, Steaming, Reheating, Heating, Simmering, Soup, Oven.

Grip: handle for easy carrying.

Includes recipe booklet with over 200 recipes

Includes ladle, baking tray, measuring cup, transparent cover, and spatula.

Easy Health Kitchen Robot


12 programmable minutes, specifically for pasta cooking


It can be used with the lid open and closed and can also be used for frying, stir-frying or sautéing food comfortably and at a high temperature thanks to its power and its intelligent chip.


This function is ideal for preparing cakes and pastries, with the oven function adapted to baking.


This function allows us to prepare the same dishes that we prepare in a conventional pot with the lid on.


Ideal for meats, fish and vegetables that we prepare grilled or low-fat.


Simulates the heat provided by an oven with great accuracy thanks to its 3D heating system.


Prepare broths and soups in a simple way and get a great taste.


It prepares food without fat thanks to this function, which also helps to maintain the organoleptic properties of the food.

Low Heat:

Slow and low power cooking that allows us to prepare delicious braised or low temperature cooking.

Heating up:

We will be able to keep warm any finished preparation made by the robot.


Heat any dish that has been previously prepared in the food processor and has lost its ideal temperature for consumption.


We will always ensure that the rice is cooked to perfection.


Easy Health Kitchen Robot

Transparent Cover With Knob

Instruction Booklet

Daikin Honeycomb Style Bowl

Measuring Cup



Roasting rack

Oven Tray

Recipe booklet

Easy Health Kitchen Robot



Voltage :






ROHS Certificate
CE Certified
Robot inteligente vision proramable para mejorar las recetas y cocinas como un chef
Robot Easy Healthy
Original price was: 120,00€.Current price is: 99,95€.